Amicus Staff

The Amicus Community

Rebecca Newton – Strategic and Clinical Director; Responsible Individual and School Proprietor

Stewart Thomson – CEO, Director of Therapeutic Services & Registered Home Manager

Leeha Watney – Head Teacher & Deputy DSL

Sian Elliman – Assistant Head Teacher & CEOPS Ambassador

Lucy Hairsine and Veneda Goodwin – Head of Therapeutic Practice (job share)

Nicky Young – HR & Service Manager & DSL

Kerry Foster – Operations and Outreach Manager

Rachel Taylor – Therapeutic Home Manager (Jasmine)

Sam Mee – Deputy Home Manager (Jasmine)

Kingsley MacDonald – Therapeutic Home Manager (Bluebells)

Jemma Forster – Deputy Home Manager (Bluebells)

Jaione Franko-Sudupe – Administrator

Amicus have an experienced, skilled and passionate Therapeutic Care and Education Team who work in the homes and school with the children.

To contact any of the staff members above please contact the Head Office on 01243 544107 who will be happy to assist you.