Highly experienced and caring staff

At Amicus we are proud of our flexible, professional, and well-trained staff team. The team is supported throughout their employment at The Amicus Community, from their first day of work until they retire or move on. We have several members who have been with us for many years, including our two Directors who set up the organisation. Both Rebecca Newton, Strategic and Clinical Director, and Stewart Thomson, Director of Therapeutic Services, have been with Amicus since its creation in 2004 and they continue to develop and grow the therapeutic community through their conviction, expertise, experience, and passion for the therapeutic work with the children.

We have highly trained staff here at The Ammicus Community.

The roles within our staff team

The staff at the homes comprise of a Registered Home Manager, a Therapeutic Home Manager, Deputy Home Manager, two Senior Therapeutic Care Workers, and up to six Therapeutic Care Workers. The school staff consists of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, three Senior Therapeutic Education Practitioners, a Senior Therapeutic Behaviour Support Practitioner and up to 8 Therapeutic Education Practitioners. In addition, the staff are supported by Amicus’ Senior Leadership Team, Therapies and Network Team, Administration staff, Housekeepers, Maintenance Workers, Cleaners and Cook. All of whom ensure the smooth running of our community, so the children receive the caring, safe, and comfortable environment they need and can build meaningful relationships with those supporting them in their care and education.

Ensuring our staff are supported too

The nature of our work with children who have experienced trauma means our staff also need to be supported and well trained due to the emotional content this can have and bring. Our underpinning of our psychoanalytical therapeutic model throughout the community means all staff has opportunities to reflect and discuss their relationships with the children, other members of the team, and their actions and feelings. This is carried out regularly in individual Supervision/Consultation and alongside the rest of the team, in Group Dynamics / Process meetings and Clinical discussions, and case conference groups. Additionally, many staff attend their own professional analysis or therapy. All our staff members have regular training internally and externally which supports the whole team and ensures continuing professional development.