Consultancy & Training

The aim of the Amicus Therapeutic Consultancy and Training Service is to provide the carers of emotionally disturbed children with a greater understanding of their difficulties and attachment disorders. With this increased knowledge carers are enabled to make sense of otherwise bewildering behaviours, including attacks on the very care they provide.

Having an increased understanding enables carers to offer meaningful responses and interventions to the children’s often chaotic and frightening behaviours. They can therefore give the children an experience of being emotionally understood and through this their disturbances can begin to be modified.

With a greater understanding of the roots of the children’s disruptive behaviours carers are enabled to put in place meaningful boundaries, structures, routines and limits because they will be based on the genuine needs of the children.


All of the above enables carers to provide longer-term sustainable placements. This gives the children an essential experience of a continuity of care, stable adult relationships and emotional understanding. In essence they will be provided with the building blocks for a healthy development and future mental health.

An important part of good therapeutic consultancy, supervision and training is that it gives carers and staff working with these children a safe place were their anxieties and experiences can be genuinely listened to and heard. It also enables them to be able to reflect on their care of the children and therefore develop a more effective therapeutic practice.

Understanding the past

One of the most troubling aspects of looking after children with serious attachment disorders is that they will often push their carers into re enacting the conflictual adult care and relationships they experienced in their birth families.

Effective therapeutic consultancy, supervision and training supports carers to observe this potential, understand its roots and therefore avoid a damaging re enactment of it. Thus enabling them to provide appropriate, collaborative and sustainable care underpinned by an essential understanding of how the children’s pasts can so negatively impact on their present relationships and lives.

Amicus can provide the following services as part of the training and consultancy they offer:

  •  Individual Supervision
  • Group Supervision
  • Organisational Consultation
  • Group Process/Relations sessions
  • Child Psychotherapy
  • Training in:
    • Child Development
    • Attachment Theory and Disorders
    • Therapeutic Theory, Practice and Techniques
    • Psychodynamic Theory
    • Therapeutic Containment, Nurturing and Structure
    • Effective Therapeutic Management
    • Family Work and Systems Theory
    • Effective Care and Placement Planning
    • Dealing with Violence and Aggressive Behaviours

Amicus are also able to provide interim support to the carers/homes of children who are waiting for a placement vacancy with us for therapeutic residential care and education.


Rebecca Newton – Strategic and Clinical Director
– Responsible Individual and School Proprietor

Stewart Thomson 
– Director of Therapeutic Services

(CVs of our Consultants are available on request)


Referral Procedures

The Amicus Therapeutic Consultancy and Training Service are able to accept referrals from a wide range of organisations/agencies/individuals. This ranges from social service departments, foster carers, schools and children’s homes, where external thinking and direction is required to help make sense of the relations and dynamics that can occur when looking after emotionally damaged children and help achieve sustainable placements with therapeutic input.

If you are interested in what Amicus Therapeutic Consultancy and Training Services can offer and how we can help you, then please contact Rebecca Newton (Consultant and Director) on 01243 544 107 or via email at: to arrange a free session to discuss your consultancy and training requirements.