Careers in Therapeutic Care and Education

At Amicus we value our staff members and realise that they are crucial in delivering the high standards of practice and therapeutic intervention and positive outcomes to the emotional damaged children that are placed with us.

We work with children who have been seriously disturbed by early environmental failure to such an extent that their corresponding behaviour is unmanageable in ordinary homes and schools. The task is to provide a highly supervised and planned environment that integrates residential care and education and is underpinned by a rigorous therapeutic model and understanding.

The aim is to help children understand the impact of their pasts and corresponding behaviours and feelings, enabling them to manage healthy relationships, through which they can achieve the trust and self-esteem essential for their eventual reintegration into the community.

Amicus offers a high level of staff support and training and regular performance pay related reviews, to allow our employees to grow and develop.


We are always interested to hear from individuals who are experienced or otherwise who have the aptitude to become part of a genuinely creative and reflective culture and a wish to pursue a career in therapeutic childcare and education.