Amicus has a successful history of being able to fulfil contracts and offer sustainable placements with outstanding outcomes for children.

Amicus begins to work with children before their teenage years (depending if they are emotionally able to) to commence preparing them for independence and leaving care Young people need good support to make informed positive decisions and to enable them to take increasing responsibility for themselves.

Amicus adolescent home ‘Bluebells’, has a semi-independence unit. This is a self contained unit with a kitchen area, living and sleeping area and provides young people with the opportunity to experience and develop the skills to live independently. This involves living on a budget and being able to budget and also to cook and clean and care for themselves and beginning to further integrate into the wider community, with the support and encouragement of the adults nearby.

The best future

At Amicus, after the children have finished their statutory education, we then work with them to take part in further education, training or employment suited to their skills and needs. We encourage and support the young people with us to aspire for the best for their future and to make good life choices and influence decisions about how they behave and what they do in their lives.

The work at Amicus is underpinned by psychoanalytic theory and staff are trained in various psychoanalytic theories including attachment theory. Through this work with the young people we enable them to prepare themselves for later life. Throughout the young person’s stay with us we will prepare memory boxes and life-story work with them, to support young people in developing a sense of identity.

Every Child Matters

Amicus is committed to the outcomes of Every Child Matters and we integrate these outcomes and the framework within our therapeutic practice. As a result we are sharing information and working together with the children’s Local Authorities to protect children and young people from harm and help them achieve what they want in life.

Prior to each children’s Statutory Review, they will have the chance to complete the child friendly Amicus ‘Your Review’ document, this enables them to have a say about the issues that effect them as individuals and collectively.

For further information on how we work according to the five outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda, please click on the relevant links on this page.