Making a Positive Contribution

Children’s needs are assessed prior to and throughout their placement with The Amicus Community. Children are encouraged and facilitated to have appropriate contact with their family and friends and to retain ties with their local community. This can also involve encouraging hobbies and activities facilitated within Amicus and in the local area.

We aim for each child to have a sense of belonging and a sense of their value and worth in relation to others. The children are supported and encouraged to learn and experience achievement and a model of helping and being helped is encouraged and practiced. All members of the community on shift each day share meals together, wherever safe to do so. Children are encouraged and involved in personalising and decorating their own areas.

Amicus consult children on a daily basis and empower them as far as possible to consider their circumstances, behaviours, relationships and interactions and also promote their independence. Formal and informal forums are provided for children to discuss choices and views they may have, with any member of staff or their Link Worker, if preferred.

Amicus strive to offer an inclusive, reflective and participatory environment which encourages consultation and discussion, which is effectively balanced by realistic boundaries. As young people progress they are encouraged and supported to develop an appropriate level of agency, taking up increasing responsibility for their own decisions and life choices as their capacity for making them in an informed way grows.