Rebecca Newton

School Proprietor, Director of Operations and Development

Rebecca at the start of her career gained several years experienceworking with young disabled and sick children and babies at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and Worthing and Southlands NHS Trust. Before joining Amicus in June 2004 she worked as a Residential Social Worker in a Therapeutic Children’s Home in East Sussex, working with children and adolescents displaying severe emotional disorders.

Rebecca joined Amicus at the early stages development and contributed to the setting up and establishing the culture of the children’s home. She commenced her role as a Therapeutic Care Worker and Link Worker, and was then promoted to Deputy Home Manager. As part of her professional development, Rebecca currently undergoes her own individual analysis by a training Psychotherapist. She then continued to form part of the Management Team on an organisational perspective in the role of Operations and Service Manager for Amicus. In 2009 Rebecca took over the role as Director, concentrating on the operation and development of the organisation. Alongside this role, Rebecca is the registered Responsible Individual for Amicus. She is also a member of the ‘Sound Systems Safeguarding Team’ (involving child protection and safeguarding) as a Mentor and Assessor for various organisations and is on the Moderation Board. Rebecca has also received Lead Reviewer training from the Royal College of Psychiatrists enabling her to facilitate annual peer reviews for other therapeutic communities on behalf of Community of Communities, of which Amicus is a member of and also has the role of a ‘Therapeutic Community Specialist’ on in which she works with other Therapeutic Communities onbehalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  Rebecca has a passion for group processes and group dynamics and facilitates Group Dynamics Sessions internally and externally to Amicus. She also provides Line Management and Clinical Supervision.


  • MA in Working with Groups: (Groupwork in the Public and Independent Sectors) – (Tavistock Clinic, London)
  • Merit SWK100 Psychosocial Practice (covering the competencies of NVQ#3 Children and Young People) – Dip/MA Psychosocial Care. (Middlesex University)
  • Professional Certificate of Merit – Art its Place in Therapy.


  • Doctorate in Consultation and the Organisation: Psychoanalytic Approaches. (Tavistock Clinic, London)
Conferences/Courses attended:
  • Residential Group Relations Conferences – Tavistock Clinic
  • NCSL Safer Recruitment Workshop – West Sussex LSCB
  • Staff Supervision in a Care Setting – Certified
  • Lead Reviewer training in annual peer reviews (Community of Communities affiliated to the Royal College of Psychiatrists)
  • Therapeutic Community Specialist training with the Community of Communities for the accreditation peer reviews of other Therapeutic Communities.
  • ‘Making the Difference’ workshop – An Introduction to Group Relations Learning (OPUS, University of London –4 days)
  • CPD Course for Therapeutic Child Care – Managing in our Organisations (University of Reading – 4 days) – Certified
  • CPD Workshop in Psychodynamic Principles
  • Counselling for Young People and Play Therapy. (Chichester Counselling Services) – Certified
  • Therapeutic Child Care Study Day – ‘Play, the Potential Space and Attachment’ (University of Reading)
  • Sound Systems Safeguarding Children Mentors and Assessors Training (3 day course)
  • Training for Designated Members of Staff for Child Protection – Certified
  • Child Protection – Interagency Training – Certified
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children – Certified
  • Safer Recruitment – Certified
  • Combined Child Protection Conference Process and Core Group Working – Certified
  • Continuing Professional Development for Managers – Certified
  • Challenging Behaviour in a Mental Health Context – Certified
  • Effective Delegation – Certified
  • Managing Poor Performance – Certified
  • Fire Risk Assessments in a Care Setting for Managers – Certified
  • Assessors Workshop for Medication Handling – Certified
  • Risk Assessment within a Care Setting for Managers – Certified
  • Autism Awareness for Managers – Certified
  • Appointed Persons First Aid – Certified
  • Mental Health Capacity Act Training – Certified
  • Care and Control of Medicines –Certified
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate – Certified
  • WSCC Looked After Children Event Conference
  • WSCVYS The ‘One Year On’ Conference