Rebecca Newton

Strategic & Clinical Director

Responsible Individual & School Proprietor

Rebecca at the start of her career gained several years’ experience working with young disabled and sick children and babies at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and Worthing and Southlands NHS Trust. Before setting up Amicus in June 2004 she worked as a Residential Social Worker in a Therapeutic Children’s Home in East Sussex, working with children and adolescents displaying severe emotional disorders and trauma.

Rebecca was part of setting up and establishing the whole organisation when Amicus first commenced in 2004. She successfully ensured registration of the school and homes and continues to develop the organisation in her role. Rebecca has established with her co-director, the psychoanalytic therapeutic culture and model within the school and homes and ensuring this was integrated into practice. In her role Rebecca provides strategic leadership and direction in the organisation and provides Clinical support, advice and direction to managers and staff.

As part of her professional development, Rebecca has been in her own individual professional analysis by a fully qualified training Analyst and Psychotherapist for the last 15 years at least twice a week. As well as providing professional clinical support, emotional development and understanding, in these sessions personal experiences and thought processes are discussed concerning their role and strategic direction and this is rigorously challenged and explored.

Since 2008, Rebecca also receives external organisational consultation and role consultation (Supervision) by a qualified Organisational Consultant and Consultant Psychotherapist once a month for two hours a session. This is a joint meeting that both Directors attend and the task is to help the Directorate to think about their tasks of governance, strategic planning and the clinical work.

Rebecca, as with her co-Director, is very ‘hands on’ and involved in the work and knows the children and staff well. She is available and has a presence within the organisation and takes time to observe practice and hear the children’s views and experiences as well as the staff members. The Directors are always looking for ways to improve and develop the organisation and monitor the children’s progression and achievement. The children’s wellbeing and safeguarding is paramount and is at the forefront of the work. Rebecca held the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead in the organisation for 12 years before handing this role over to one of the Senior Managers and Amicus Safeguarding team. Rebecca also regularly provides both individual and group clinical supervision and well as line management supervision. She also facilitates regular meetings with the Senior Management Team, which includes the Headteacher to review the week, their tasks and focus and to support their leadership.

With the support and consultation in place concerning governance, strategic direction, leadership and safeguarding, Rebecca feels that this enhances her decision making, increases her accountability and enables her along with her co-Director to provide strong leadership.

Alongside her role as Strategic and Clinical Director, Rebecca is the registered Responsible Individual and School Proprietor for Amicus. She is also a member of the ‘Sound Systems Safeguarding Team’ (involving child protection and safeguarding) as a Mentor and Assessor for various organisations and is on the Moderation Board. Rebecca has also received Lead Reviewer training from the Royal College of Psychiatrists enabling her to facilitate annual peer reviews for other therapeutic communities on behalf of Community of Communities, of which Amicus is an accredited member of. She also has the role of ‘Therapeutic Community Specialist’ in which she works with other Therapeutic Communities on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Rebecca has a passion for group processes and relations and facilitates Group Dynamics Sessions internally and externally to Amicus. Rebecca also consults to external organisations and also is an independent Regulation 44 Visitor and Consultant to a residential SEN schools specialising in working with children who have severe trauma.

Rebecca has attended numerous training courses and conferences over the years and keeps up to date with these, covering mandatory training, such as safeguarding, medication, first aid, health and safety. She is trained in Makaton stages 1- 4. She has also attended training and conferences, working groups on subjects relating to the therapeutic model at Amicus, around attachment theory, child development, unconscious process, neuroscience, psychoanalytic concepts and theory basis etc and has also spoken externally and held talks to present on these topics to share learning and knowledge. Rebecca maintains her continuous professional development within her role and has a passion for organisational and group dynamics / analysis.


  • MA Degree in Working with Groups: (Groupwork in the Public and Independent Sectors) – (Tavistock Clinic, London)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Residential Childcare
  • CACHE Level 2 Children and Young People’s Mental Health
  • Diploma in Psychosocial Care (covering the competencies of NVQ#3 Children and Young People) (Middlesex University)
  • Professional Certificate of Merit – Art its Place in Therapy.
  • Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management.
  • Doctorate in Consultation and the Organisation: Psychoanalytic Approaches. (Tavistock Clinic, London)