Referral Procedures

The following procedures are seen as advantageous for a successful placement and are therefore be carried out to the full. The time span of any possible admission, however, will vary according to the given circumstances and urgency of the particular child’s situation.

  1. The referring agency will identify a child who may be appropriate for, and benefit from, Amicus.
  2. Initial contact will be made through Rebecca Newton – who is the Strategic and Clinical Director and Responsible Individual and School Proprietor. She will then share the referral details with the Amicus Management Team.
  3. From this discussion the referrer will be sent the Amicus referral form and a list stating what information and documentation will be required to assess the suitability of the referral. If the referral does not go ahead all documentation will be returned immediately to the referrer.
  4. The possible referral will then be discussed by the Directors, Headteacher, Home Manager, the Care and Treatment Team and the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. This will take into account not only the referred child but their compatibility with the current children living in the home.
  5. If Amicus and the referring agency consider the placement to be suitable for the child, a meeting will be arranged between the Directors and those responsible for the referral. Other interested parties, including the child’s parents/carers, will be invited where appropriate.
  6. If a decision is made to offer the child a place at Amicus, the child will where appropriate be visited firstly on familiar ground and in the company of familiar carers. This initial contact will be made by the child’s potential Amicus Link Worker and the Home Manager.
  7. The child (with parents/carers, again where appropriate) will then be invited to visit the home for at least one initial visit. Where possible and where time scales allow the child will be invited back for a second visit to stay the night. These visits will include the opportunity for the child to have a meal with the other children and the staff in the home and to discuss with their Link Worker how they would like their bedroom decorated. They will also have the chance to leave one of their possessions in their bedroom to symbolise that they will be returning.
  8. After this process and with the relevant parental/carer consent a place will be offered.
  9. Before the new child becomes a resident, it is also vital that not only the staff team but the other children are prepared for their arrival.
  10. When possible or appropriate, the needs of the broader family (again this includes birth, adoptive or foster) will also be identified and work carried out with them. This is important for any genuine long term progress.

If you want to make a referral or wish to talk to us about a child who you feel would benefit from Amicus’ therapeutic services, please contact Rebecca Newton on 01243 544 107 or email