An integrated approach to care and education

One of the main objectives of the Amicus School is to work with the children’s profound anxieties and disturbances that so often hinder their ability to learn. The school staff are trained to work with these emotional obstacles and corresponding behaviours as they arise during the actual process of learning were they could be worked with and eventually overcome.

At the same time this work is integrated with that of the children’s families/carers and therefore becomes part of a holistic Therapeutic Care, Treatment and education Programme for the children.

Regular supervision

integrated-educationTo enable the integration of the work of The Amicus school and home the staff teams meet regularly for group and individual Supervision, internal case work and Care Planning Meetings together with individual and group clinical sessions with the Amicus Consultant Child Psychotherapist. The Head of school also is part of the Amicus Management Team, were the joint work of the home and school can be coordinated.

Amicus is also able to offer the parents/carers of day pupils support such as individual supervision and various internal training. This is delivered through our consultancy service. For further details and fees regarding this service, please contact Rebecca Newton (Director) at Amicus Head Office.

Psychotherapist support

Alongside the above, the school and home work with Amicus’ Child Psychotherapists enabling them to offer support for each child’s individual therapy and integrate and assimilate this work into the children’s therapeutic care planning and education. The Child Psychotherapist is involved in all the children’s internal care and education planning meetings and needs assessments. They also provide individual and group’s sessions with the staff so as support them to integrate the work of the therapists, school and home.

All children at Amicus will have been unable to learn in mainstream or even specialist schools due to profound anxieties of being in group learning situations. The Amicus School provides a small learning group that offers the essential opportunity for the children to have these disturbances worked with and negotiated in optimum and therefore less threatening sized groups. This work is intended to enable the children’s eventual integration into larger and possibly mainstream learning situations.