Therapeutic Education

The Amicus School works with the children’s anxiety towards education through high levels of staff support within very small learning groups whilst facilitating the task of the children’s learning.

The education team are trained and supervised in therapeutic techniques, enabling them to work with the profound disturbances that so impede the children’s ability to learn. The children are encouraged to discuss their profound anxieties around learning with the staff so these can be openly discussed. This offers opportunities for these fears to be understood and eventually overcome and the cycle of disruptive behaviour and school exclusion broken.

Supporting individual development

therapeutic-educationThe Amicus School sees the child’s learning as an essential part of their individual development and an inseparable part of the holistic, therapeutic living experience, whether this is within our care or the care of their families/carers.

To this end we provide an education programme that is integrated with the child’s placement plan and twenty-four hour therapeutic care plan. An important part of this is to provide or support an education that is appropriate to the child’s developmental stage.

Careful attention is paid to create an educational experience that acknowledges emotional development whilst ensuring that intellectual growth is also encouraged.

The children’s education is guided by the National Curriculum and all the children are taught at the key stages appropriate to both their level of attainment and their emotional development. Every child is also provided with a full and regularly updated educational assessment.

The school also provides full physical education and instruction from trained professionals offering a variety of sports activities including swimming.