A school, a home, a support system…

The Amicus community offers a school, residential homes, and specialist therapeutic care and treatment for children who are vulnerable and have experienced trauma. Our therapy uses the psychoanalytic and group process/ relations models which inform and are ingrained in our practice, culture, and environment. We have been awarded full accreditation as a Therapeutic Community status by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. All the services are provided in a family- type / small group environment as we want the children to be able to academically learn, develop and progress emotionally and socially whilst feeling and being comfortable and secure.

The effects of trauma on the children mean they have challenging behaviours, issues around trust, and difficulties with appropriate adult and peer relationships. This is the reason our therapeutic input is so important to enable the children and young people to be understood, address these challenges, come to terms with them and hopefully progress from our care to a placement in a family-type environment and/or mainstream school. The care onsite is available 24/7 and we work closely with the parents/carers of our school children that do not live in the community to support them with continuing the therapeutic input in their homes.
If this sounds like the type of environment that would suit your child or a child, you are placing please click the link to our referrals page here to find out more.