Our work with outreach cases

The Amicus Community offers outreach services to the professional network and external agencies by providing a range of training and consultancy services. These are available to anyone who works with vulnerable or traumatised children and where appropriate, their families/carers. We deliver the training through formal training sessions, lectures, or workshops.

Our consultancy services are available to network professionals and organisations who would like to engage more in the therapeutic and psychoanalytical model of treatment. These sessions can take the form of:

  • Individual Clinical Supervision
  • Group Clinical Supervision
  • Organisational Consultation
  • Group Process/Relations Sessions
  • Work Discussion Groups

We are also able to offer general consultancy services for organisations working with children such as children’s homes and schools in either setting up/registering their setting and/or maintaining their provisions and developing practice and standards. As part of our service, we offer monthly Independent Regulation 44 Visits to other homes.

For further information on our consultancy services follow this link
Further outreach work at the Amicus Community includes the work we do with the day pupils who attend The Amicus School and their network of professionals, and families/carers. We are in regular contact and consultation with the families and carers to ensure they have the support they need for the child’s therapeutic plans.
We will also be involved with outreach when we support our children as they transition to another placement and then continue appropriate contact with them for as long as the child requires it in agreement with their network professionals.